Monday, April 3, 2017

What To Pack In Your Diaper Bag (For Babies and Toddlers!)

As a mom of 3 young ones (3 year old twins and a 1 year old), we are always on the go and need to be prepared!  Besides the usual diaper changes and feedings, you never know what's going to happen. We've had car sickness, food messes, wet clothes, you name it!

For babies, you can never be too prepared so I always make sure I have the following items in my diaper bag at all times:

  • Diapers - of course!  But how many?  Make sure you have 1 for every 2 hours but add a few others just to be on the safe side.  I have tried a bunch of brands but these are my favorite.
  • Wipes - Look for a good quality travel pack so your wipes don't dry out.
  • Diaper cream - Babies don't always need it but it's good to have in case your little one develops a rash.  My pediatritian recommended this and it has been great.
  • Changing pad - Your diaper bag may come with one but as your child grows, you might need a larger one.  EXTREMELY helpful when you have to change your baby in a public bathroom and they don't have a changing station.
  • Blanket - It's always good to have a blanket on hand in case it gets a little chilly.  Even a light one is good no matter what the season.  Babies love to be nice and warm.
  • Bottles and breastmilk/formula - Things can get crazy if a baby is hungry so be prepared!  I pack 2-3 bottles already filled with breast milk in a cooler bag along with an ice pack.  If you are formula feeding, it's best to pre-measure the formula and put it in each bottle or in a pre-measured formula container.  Don't forget to bring a few bottles of water so you can simply shake and go when you are ready to feed your baby.
  • 1-2 changes of clothes for baby - You never know what's going to happen.  Spit up, throw up, or a diaper blow out will make you glad you brought a few extra outfits.  Extra socks are a good idea too.  My little guy is always pulling off his socks and we have lost a lot of them.  These are THE BEST!  I have found that they stay on the best and look so cute!
  • Change of clothes for you! - Throw up, spit up, and diaper blowouts can unfortunately happen on you so be prepared.  When I was little, I threw up on a plane all over my mom and she didn't have a change of clothes on the plane so she was pretty miserable until she landed.
  • Plastic bag - to put dirty diapers in if you aren't able to throw them away immediately.
  • Toys - Anything small to keep your baby occupied.  My kids were OBSESSED with this, this for teething, and they loved to shake this and it was easy for them to hold on to.
  • Bib - I would always carry one for eating and another one for drool when my babies were teething.
Toddlers don't need as much but it's good to pack the following:
  • Snacks - I like organic animal crackers and Trader Joe's cereal bars.  My kids love the blueberry ones.  
  • Sippy Cup/Thermos - Don't forget a sippy cup or a Thermos to keep their drinks cold.  My twins are big fans of these.
  • Extra diapers or underwear in case of accidents.
  • A change of clothes in case of accidents, food messes, or falls in the dirt.
  • Crayons, a coloring book, or other toys to keep them busy.


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